Byfans is a social media platform that operates under subscription model, offering users the ability to produce and view exclusive content from creators of different categories of the online entertainment industry; these subscriptions change according to the decision of the content creator, who receives a percentage of the total income. Creators can generate content and share it with their subscribers, regardless of their profession or type of content; the bigger the audience, the easier it is to generate income with BYFANS through: •​Profile subscriptions •​Tips •​Customized content •​Referrals BYFANS is differentiated by its agile and intuitive platform, support 24/7, security with data storage, transactionality in cryptocurrencies, (being the first platform under subscription model to receive and disperse payments with cryptocurrencies in Latin America), and many other payment methods (credit card, debit card, virtual wallets, etc.) that facilitate the usability of the site. How to become a creator? It is very easy, the user must: 1.​Register 2.​Validate Identity 3.​Start publishing your content